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The mission of Lakeshore Church is Living for Jesus by Making, Maturing and Mobilising Disciples of Christ for His Glory.

Growth Groups exist to help us live out this mission.

growth groups

Set to Resume for 2024

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There are three main parts of church life at Lakeshore that we ask everyone to commit to. The first is regular attendance at a Sunday gathering, and the second is membership of a Growth Group and the third is serving through a ministry team. This means Growth Groups are a crucial and central part of church life. They are where relationships are developed. They are the primary place of care and support for each member. They form a network of relationships where people can grow in their understanding of Jesus, love each other and help each other in sharing Jesus with non-Christian friends and family.


What does a Growth Group look like? They usually consist of 8-10 people who gather together once a week. Each group has a designated leader. There are different groups for different ages and stages of life. For example, there is a young Mums group that meets from 10am to 12 noon on a week day with crèche facilities provided. Some groups are made up of people of the same life stage (e.g. teenagers, families, retirees) or the same sex, whereas others have a mixtures of ages and stages. Some growth groups meet in homes, some in coffee shops and some at the church. Groups meet on most nights of the week, plus some during the day and some on weekends.


The basic features of group life include:

Bible study

Leaders developing other leaders in the group


Mission (local and global)

Caring for the needs of each other

Making Disciples

Each growth group aims to encourage each member to be involved in the lives of those who don’t yet know Jesus. The group is a network of relationships that people can be invited into to see the love of disciples of Christ.


Maturing Disciples

The main way Christians grow is by getting to know God better as He has revealed himself in his Son Jesus Christ. We do this by reading and studying His Word, the Bible, in fellowship with other Christians.


Your relationship with Jesus will grow each week as you hear a talk on a passage of Scripture on Sunday and then meet with other Christians during the week to discuss that passage in more depth. You will have the opportunity to consider your specific questions about the passage and have your questions answered by fellow believers. By doing this we grow as Christians. For each major teaching series, we prepare a study booklet which contains a small group study for each sermon plus extra resources.


Mobilising Disciples

As members of growth groups, we give of ourselves to each other in prayer, as well as serving by encouraging one another and loving one another in the practical needs we have in life. These groups are a great way to develop relationships. The groups provide a place to serve each other and the wider church by using our gifts from God.

Kids at lakeshore

The aim of the Children’s ministry programme at Lakeshore is to see our children made, matured and mobilised as disciples of Jesus. God calls parents and grandparents to train their children in the way of the Lord, and we are pleased to partner with families in this role.

Lakeshore Church uses the Childsafe program to ensure a safe environment for all of our kids activities.

Kids at lakeshore

Parents are welcome to use the Creche, located at the back of the church. The Crèche is available for babies to 4 years old during the whole service.  The air-conditioned room has age appropriate toys and activities, change table facilities and a speaker to enable the service to be heard.

Kids at lakeshore
lambS, jAM, jUMP & jig


During the second half of the service a programme for children aged 4 years to Grade 6 is run in the child care centre next door to the church. Parents are required to register their child on the sign in/out sheet before the service. Please ensure a registration form is completed for each child. Also please note children 9 years and older may sign themselves in and out provided a parental permission form has been completed.

When it is time for the programme, the service leader will direct children to meet outside. Children will then be taken by the teachers and helpers to the child care centre. At the end of the church service parents are required to collect their child from the child care centre and sign the sign in/out register.

People in Park


This is a Lakeshore ministry open to everyone.  We often meet together for walks, go to cafe's and generally have a great time of sharing and connecting!  Care and Connect is held every month - last Thursday of the month.  Next meeting 29th February, 2024 - Details regarding Moff's Restaurant, Moffats Beach are on our EVENTS page - everyone welcome!

Friends Talking Outside
Women's Ministry

Stay tuned for Women's Ministries in 2024 


Stay tuned for Men's Ministries in 2024 



Stay tuned for Youth Ministries in 2024 

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